Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day

I am very disappointed in my uterus. Father's day is practically over, and it didn't even try to contract once. Not even a Braxton-Hicks. I was really hoping this kid would come today...can you imagine? I would never have to buy Ton Ton a Father's Day present again! I was already planning the conversation we would have next February:

Me: So, Mother's Day is coming up
Ton Ton: It's not 'til May!
Me: Well, I'm just saying...remember what I got you for Father's Day last year. I worked on that gift for nine months!

No such luck. Instead of giving Ton Ton the gift of life, I celebrated Father's Day at home, as we hosted a barbecue for family and friends. We gave Uli a hat that says #1 Grandpa and he LOVED it! He immediately put it on, and made sure everyone at the party noticed it. I just hope the hat doesn't create any problems for him in the future, like in this case...

I can't wait for Belly to meet #1 Grandpa and World's Greatest Dad. That's one lucky baby!

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  1. another great and hilarious post!
    when will you arrive bebe?