Thursday, July 16, 2009

Luki Potter and the missiles of poop

As I was changing Luki's diaper earlier today, I got some poop on my finger. I finished wrapping up his bottom and casually went to the bathroom to rinse off. There was human feces on my finger, and I remained unfazed.

Babies have magical powers!

In the past three weeks everything and everyone in our house has been peed, pooped, or vomited on. And what do we do? Either ignore it or, better yet, laugh!!

A couple of days ago, Big E was changing his diaper, and just as she had taken the dirty one off...Luki decided to shart. Like a missile, poop traveled at least three feet across the room and landed on the couch, the floor, the cushions, a book; it was everywhere. Fortunately, Big E has good reflexes and was able to save herself. Our reaction? To laugh hysterically.

On Sunday, he did it front of company! Ton Ton was changing him and he fired another massive poop missile. Sadly, Ton was not as lucky as Big E and ended up having to change his t-shirt. Our friend, who witnessed the entire scene, described it as: "amazing, incredible, never seen anything like it"...and, of course, "hilarious."

How has shit gone from being the most disgusting thing ever to eliciting laughter?

I'll tell you how...Luki is a wizard and has us all under a spell.

I, personally, have not been acting like my usual self since my water broke. For one, my level of patience has multiplied tenfold. Despite the fact that sometimes Luki cries even though he is not hungry, dirty, or being mauled by rats; I have yet to throw him across the room. Plus, I've become super organized...I never take off Luki's dirty onesies and throw them on the floor, like I do my own clothes. And...I seem to no longer need sleep to stay alive!

Luki is transforming me into a mom!

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