Friday, August 7, 2009

Doctor's visit -- our new happy hour

Luki had his second doctor's appointment yesterday. Finally! Ton Ton and I had been waiting with baited breath for this -- the way we used to look forward to Friday nights out on the town and sleeping 'til noon on Saturdays. At his first appointment, when he was only 4 days old, he was proclaimed in excellent health...but in the past thirty days, we'd come up with a host of questions and concerns. Our excellent pediatrician answered them all to our satisfaction...

How much weight has he gained? Well, babies should gain an ounce a day, so Luki should have gained 30 oz, instead, he put on 45oz. He is an eating machine!

How about length? Should have grown 1 inch, instead, he grew 1.75 inches. Such an overachiever!

Why is his belly button sticking out like that? Because he has an umbilical hernia! Yay! Why does this congenital malformation make me happy? Because I had one too! That is why today my navel is so big and deep, I can fit a nickel in it. In your face Ton Ton! He may have your eyebrows, your mouth, your chin, your skin color.... but NOT the belly button! NOT THE BELLY BUTTON!

Is it normal for the poops to be non-stop, fly out of his butt like missiles, and attack his parents? Yes.

Is it normal for him to be going prematurely bald? Yes.

Is it normal that he constantly spits up a cheese-like substance and tries to eat it? Yes.

So, as you can see, our little boy is amazing! He got a shot at the doctor's office and took it like a champ -- much better than his daddy who, hours later, was still absolutely heart broken to see him get poked in the thigh.

Luki is also really glad he got to go to the doctor, now he can finally update his profile.

Name: Luki
Age: 1 month, 1 week
Height: 22.25 in
Weight: 9 lb 14 oz
Hobbies: sucking, sharting, staring, sleeping, smiling


  1. You had us laughing in stitches, as usual!
    Awesome awesome post!
    -Cata & Juan Miguel

  2. LMAO! maybe he'll find a gf that's as an overachiever as he is!