Sunday, August 2, 2009

It's our monthiversary!

All of our friends with children warned us about this, and it is absolutely true. Time flies when you have a baby! Luki is one month old today even though I just pushed him out yesterday! I guess I need to start packing his bags, because next week he will be heading off to college.

If Luki was our employee, his probation period would be over and we'd have an evaluation. He would totally get to keep his job! Of course, we'd give him a few tips about trying to not shart or throw up on his parents as often, but overall he'd get positive reviews for: sleeping 4-5 straight hours at night, his amazing neck control, and his ability to focus and track objects with his eyes. Oh, and he'd definitely get points for melting our hearts with the ever increasing smiles. We have yet to catch them on camera, but they happen.

Although, the truth of the matter is that we are his employees. I wonder if he'd let us keep our jobs...our evaluations would probably go something like this:

"Mom, thanks for the breast milk; it's really good, but I do not find it amusing when you put your nipple in and out of my mouth just to see my reaction, please, do not mess with my food. And Dad, I really appreciate that you play guitar and sing me to sleep...but could you stop belting out the Christmas carols? Not sure if you've noticed, but it is August, not December! And one last thing everybody, I know I'm going bald, I can see it, you don't have to constantly remind me of it...I'm sensitive about my receding hairline!"

Congratulations on surviving a whole month with us Luki! You are a true champ!

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