Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Luki's pad

Luki moved out of our room and into his own place a few weeks ago (oh, if we could all be so lucky to escape Ton Ton's snoring!). Here is a tour of his new pad:

We didn't know the sex of our baby until he came out and told us, so we tried to make the nursery as gender neutral as possible. Although, now that Luki lives here, it seems like the perfect room for a little boy. The All You Need is Love decal is from sayitwithstyle, and was purchased on Etsy. I discovered Etsy while I was pregnant and fell in love. The bunny mobile is Flensted, it was really hard to pick from the many, many, different designs they have.

The crib was a gift from Big E and Uli and, I am embarrassed to say, is from Walmart. You see, I really liked this crib, but the Walmart version was $600 cheaper -- so, I put away my ideals about labor rights and lifted the boycott against the big box store. I'm not proud, I know I sold out...but the crib, it's so pretty! Big E was willing to pay $900 for the original, but I wouldn't allow it -- that's just outrageous!

The bedding is called Bounce Dreamsicle by Nurseryworks We painted the bottom drawer yellow, because yellow rocks.

Here is the dresser/changer -- again, with the yellow accent.

This is what the other side of the room looks like. The rest of the furniture is from Ikea.

A close up of The Little Prince poster, my favorite thing in the whole room! I found it on Ebay.

We bought that set of flash cards very early in my pregnancy and didn't think twice about the big L on the box. I still can't believe we ever thought the baby in my belly could have been anyone else but Luki.
This is also where Luki keeps his piggy bank: Chanchito

This room used to have carpet in it. Thank God we put in floors! Wiping up poop missiles from wood is much easier than getting them out of carpet.

Finally, these awesome Rock 'n' Roll prints were designed by our incredibly talented friend Juan. Luki doesn't seem to ever get tired of staring at them.

So there you have it...I hope the place doesn't get too dirty after the keg party our son plans to host this weekend!


  1. Hi! I saw your post on Ohdeedoh and had to check out your nursery. It is gorgeous! I love the color combos.

    I was wondering -- where did you find that pretty drum shade light fixture?

    - Mere

  2. The lamp is also from Ikea. Voila!

  3. I saw your post on Ohdeedoh as well... beautiful room!!! We are plannning a similar color scheme for our nursery!

  4. what a gorgeous room!! love the color and what a great way to use the rugs on the floor!

  5. Just beautiful! I saw your room on Ohdeddoh, I love the crib to pieces, and the color choices are beautiful! I'm a huge Ikea fan also, and I noticed how well everything works together!